High power density networked DC servo drive
1. JSDT2 is the best brushless DC servo drive, using 32-bit high performance MCU and FPGA to achieve dual core processing, the bandwidth increase to 6.1KHz, the settling time reduces to 1ms, and the encoder resolution is 23bit to meet the high precision and fast response market.
2. It can drive servo motors, linear motors, and direct-drive motors; It can be matched with various encoders such as BISS, Tamagawa, and pulse type, and the compound motor drive and feedback can be applied to various occasions.
3. The driver is a modular design, with flexible adjustment to meet the customization requirements easily.
4. With high power density design, only 57 x 55 x 50.8mm size, it can drive the motor to instantaneous 1200W power.
5. It has high-speed communication (such like EtherCAT), and conforms to the IEC61800-7 bus standard, which can be applied to the multi-axis market.
6. Built-in automatic gain tuning technology (Auto-tuning), high and low frequency suppression.
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