Automatic Tool Changer
MCTC Quick Changer comprises R module and T module. R module can be installed onto various kinds of robot arms. T modules can be connected with different tools, such as gripper, vacuum pad, and so on.

Unique Lock mechanism
The cone-shape lock mechanism is self-aligned by the tapered surface. Also, it compensates the gap from wear automatically.

High repeatability
Under 25kg payload: repeatability is ±5µm, which is superior to ±15µm of similar products on the market.

Outstanding quality
The repeatability remain within ±15 um even after 3 million operations with 1.5 times payload.

Self-lock mechanism
R module needs at least 2000-newton force to unmount the T module when the air source is cut accidently.

Easy maintenance
Bolt and positioning pins are expendable and they are designed to be secured by screws. They can be changed easily by users.
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