Energy-Efficient Electric Motor for EV
MVWF7K6-102 is an electric motor that provides 7.6 KW power and can be used in industrial fields or applied to EV.

1.Quality standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949 certified.
2.Eco-friendly & safe to use: Made of non-toxic materials, meets RoHS & REACH regulations, and complies with the relevant European safety requirements.
3.Unique design components: The distinctive coil and circuit connection reduces the time for the winding process, improves the slot fill factor and space utilization, increases the yield rate, etc.
4.High durability: An IPMSM brushless DC motor in IPX6 protection that can be used in various special environments.
5.Over temperature protection: The NTC thermistor is being used in the circuit for motor protection against overheats.
6.Custom product options: Provides different types of motor cases to fit in a varied range of output power, including the water-cooled case with flow passage, air-cooled case with heat sink, etc.
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