Autonomous Navigation Robot
The ADATA Autonomous Mobile Robot AMR-500 has the following features: 1. Intelligent autonomous navigation: through a sensor system, accurate autonomous navigation with an error value within ±3cm and accurate positioning within ±1cm is achieved. The power can automatically feedback low-voltage autonomous charging. 2. Person following: the function allows the robot to follow people to meet the needs of various applications where people need to work in conjunction with the robots. 3. Customized situational applications: different applications can be equipped quickly according to demand: such as conveying equipment, shelves, cage trucks, spray sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization, etc. The AMR-500 is part of ADATA’s aspiration to provide customers with a complete AMR platform. The platform will be based on three core areas, namely AI, smart power management and battery systems, and system integration. The AMR platform will be suitable for healthcare applications, and others.
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