Smart Monitoring VHPD with Forced Cooling LV Motor
Ultra Smart Monitoring High Power Density with Forced Cooling LV Motor (AFLN) is based on the requirements of improving efficiency, improved structural rigidity and reduced energy consumption. Customers can diagnose the reliability and safety of the motor at any time by intelligent device, effectively avoiding stuff’s danger or loss caused by emergency shutdown.
The characteristics of the product are as followings:
1.High power density & Energy Saving.
2.Improved structural rigidity and the cooling capacity.
3.Reduced operating cost and environmental pollution.
4.IP65 protection design.
5.Using intelligent control system, customer can monitor real-time motor operating conditions.
6.AFLN is a customer oriented general purpose motor.
7.Sutible for constant torque VFD application.
8.High displacement rate of replacement.
9.Short delivery.
10.ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications, etc.
11.Global technical support services.
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