1. IP66 high protection , suitable for high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high water vapor steel environment.
With Labyrinth shaft seal and stainless steel waterproof cover to prevent water and dust into the motor.

2. Optimized design
The ring fin enclosure prevents the accumulation of dust, Avoid bad heat dissipation.
Highly sealed bearings and high temperature resistant grease, Bearing life is more than doubled.
H class insulation , can withstand high temperature environment.
Improved bracket, convenient wiring installation.
Use stainless steel shaft, good corrosion resistance.

3. Variable frequency drive
S1 continuous operation, 250% 60 sec. overload.

4. Cloud intelligent monitoring
With TATUNG TiMS system,remote intelligent monitoring of motor temperature and 3-axis vibration and further effective predictive maintenance through cloud big data analysis can be easily executed.

5. Eco-friendly design
All materials comply with RoHS and REACH directives.

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