Automated Manufacturing System (Wheel Rim)
雙刀盤立式車床(YV500B2T)x9台 / 立式車床(YV500B)x9台/ 立式加工中心機(VLM850)x9台 / 機械手(R-2000iC-210)x9台
Taiwan's largest Automatic Automotive Wheel Rim Production Line which can produce about 400 pieces per hour, with an annual output value of up to 3 million More than one piece.
1. The You Ji production line occupies a smaller area than other factories
2. The high-efficiency processing equipment of the You Ji can provide stable processing quality.
3. It adopts FANUC high-performance articulated manipulator, which has more flexible movements.
4. Modularized Double-Layer Conveyor System for easy maintenance.
5. The tool can be changed quickly, and can be replaced by a single machine, without the need to stop the whole line.
6. The equipment layout has reserved enough space for maintenance to increase the convenience of maintenance.
7. Improve safety protection devices and increase safety protection.
8. The You Ji HMI human-machine interface.
9. The remote monitoring system
10. Smart V-Block System for Workpiece Out - Feed can optimize the production line process.
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