Multi-axis Turning and Milling CNC Lathe
CST 42200
"Multi-axis turning and milling machine CST 42200" has high-efficiency processing performance and solid basic craftsmanship. It can respond to the complex and multi-pass processing parts of various industries, such as: roller, tie bar, cylinders, petrochemical products, oil pipes, valves, conveying hubs, wheel shaft, rotor i... and other large pipes precision machining of similar or long shaft workpieces. It can improve the previous need to arrange multiple machines for segmented production on different models, which cause the customer's processing time and processing pass cost and accuracy burden. Therefore, Sun Firm "Multi-axis turning-milling complex machine CST 42200" adopts the structure of a single turning-milling complex machine, and extended the function of two complex machines to reduce the processing flow, so as to effectively achieve multiple functions of one machine and greatly increase the production of equipment. The purpose of efficiency, quality and humanization.
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