High-Efficient Shredding Recycling Line
Repro-One 85
In response to the increasing demand for film bag scraps and solid structure material processing, POLYSTAR has developed a high-efficient shredding integrated recycling machine with innovative value and benefits. This recycling machine perfectly integrates the shredder all in one and is equipped with energy-saving feeding technology to ensure the optimization of the feeding.

The pelletizing system is the core unit of the recycling machine. POLYSTAR utilizes the innovated digital programming technology with ECO inverter modules to develop a fully automated pelletizing system. By automatically adjusting the speed of the pelletizer along with the die pressure, the uniform size and excellent quality of recycled pellets can be produced.

By the development of Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing and "Circular Economy", POLYSTAR adopts an intelligent PLC control system and integrates a highly user-friendly HMI, which greatly shortens the learning curve and enhances the level of automation.
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