Straight Side Single Crank Precision Presses
The model has perfectly combined the features of traditional presses, optimized structural design and side opening are also in line with the automation needs and improve production efficiency.
The C-frame structure is optimized to a straight column type, which improves the rigidity, accuracy and extends the life of the tooling. ST1 series can be widely used in stamping processes such as blanking, drawing, bending, marking, flattening, and trimming.
The user-friendly touch screen panel not only improves the convenience of operation, but also displays the operating parameters to monitor the processing status in real-time.
ST1 series can be integrated with the latest iForming, which has won the Taiwan Excellence Awards. It can assist customers with smart management needs such as intelligent interconnection, real-time management, agile production, and data-driven decision-making, then realize smart manufacturing and digital transformation, enhance production efficiency and competitiveness.

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