5 Axis Machining Center +AUTO ROBOT
a.CV-400U/A adopts A/C axis rotary table with 5 axis to complete multiple angels machining process, with automated arm to clamp the workpiece automatically, machining the complicated appearance workpiece efficiently.
b.CV-400U/A is able to adopt direct-driven spindle 12000/15000rpm, and built-in spindle 20000rpm, to enhance the product competitiveness.
c.Three axis adopt SP level roller type linear guideways, and optionally adopt ballscrew coolant system, to reach the high speed, high accuracy and low thermal displacement machining demand.
d.High rigidity trunnion mounting table, with dual-lead worm gear transmission, to brake through oil converts to air booster cylinder device, also stabilize the clamping and environment-friendly; 3-axis linear scale adopts A/C axis encoder, to ensure the perfect positioning accuracy and repeatability accuracy.
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