4 Side Moulder
1. Structure of the jumping spindle: it can cut the complex surface lines, could be furniture component or art accessories. Also this jumping spindle structure whiche control by the computer value(CNC,Computer Numerical Control), this can reduce the processing damage rate and increase working efficiency.
2. The operation interface using the HMI, it is easy to understand and operate through the graphical operate interface. All database including product, cutter tools, grinder data which gather in the HMI. The work product, order numbers, descriptive one by one shows out. Do not need to rely on the engineer memory to operate machinery. It is conveniences, speed, timeliness and variety small amount of rapid production; which may save time to get more order than others.
The above structure and function are closer to the needs of consumers, also increased the 4 side moulder its function; simplify the operation of the 4 side moulder, more in line with humanity needs.
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