AX-1500 ultra-precision lathe machine
AX-1500 ultra precision lathe developed by our company, the spindle rotation accuracy reaches 0.1um, and repeated positioning accuracy reaches ±0.01um, each accuracy index of the module is close to the standard of international key manufacturers. Practically, the surface roughness of workpiece is Ra 5nm and the cylindricity is 0.1um, which can meet the requirements of ultra-high machining accuracy. The applications are suitable for optical, semiconductor, optical communication, and mold industry.AX-1500 adopts a whole piece of natural granite as the bed surface, which reduces the residual stress during cutting and provides good vibration damping ability. The hydrostatic guideway provides zero friction on the contact surface, high damping characteristics, and effectively overcomes the phenomenon of hysteresis slip which reduces the amount of vibration during turning, with a very small feed capacity.

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