High Efficiency Linear Motor Drilling Machine
1. A self-developed CNC controller with precise and steady functionality.
2. The drilling accuracy ±0.018mm, and depth control accuracy ±0.03mm to meet the PCB requirement.
3. Low CTE materials and multiple structure design to decrease the machine weight and reinforce the drilling progress.
4. X&Y axis are by LM; super-silently, no backlash issue.
5. X&Y axis go to 80M/min, the acceleration speed can be to 1.5G, independent AC servo of Z axis, can be to 30M/min.
6. Intelligence equipment & Intelligent manufacturing support: optional several drilling functions to optimize the operation management system.
We sell the CNC machines to Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, South Eastern Asia. And dedicate to offer them by customers’ demand. We support the real-time measures for drilling progress by the data management system. For the productively, a training courses for OP and PM is must. Our service sites provide the after-sales service to meet customer demands.

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