JBF Series Severe Service Ball Valve
By using HVOF tech, we have achieved the diamond thin film spray and develop nano-grad polish tech that can satisfy the user's demand and build uniquely the core tech.
We have two German patents that one is the butterfly valve with having a weariless layer on the disk and seat and the other is the control valve with having an ergonomics handle. Also, we have obtained the low fugitive emission and the fire test certificate.
With the numerical simulation analysis to the optimal design of the valve, we lead the valve industry. Also, we have two USA patents, one is the sizing program for valve, and the other is a smart valve with auto-detecting and self-troubleshooting.
Over forty service bases on the world, we have got the favor for the famous customer, example as TSMC, CSC, AIDC, Micron, Pfizer, etc. Also, we cost about 10 million on Marketing and push the JDV brand to the world by publishing the new products online and using digital marketing and social media marketing.

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