Panel Probe Tester
This product "Panel electronic defect inspection machine" uses the charging induction method to measure TFT transistor, and using probe unit to obtain the electrical, optical characteristic and final image. By automatically measuring the electrical characteristics of the TFT element and the pixel, including the inspection of the circuit performance around the display area, and inputting a signal to verify the optical quality displayed after driving (point, line defect, non-uniformity).
(1)Probe Head Full-axes motorized Auto Recipe Teaching Function technology. (I605258).
(2)Automatic position compensate and contact system. (I614549).
(3)Probe card inline adjustment system. (I652484).
(4)The Heat Blow temperature compensation and stability control system.
(5)Instant noise reduction technology (I679433).
(6)Universal Inspection Table design, which can be programmed for recipe switching and automatic shielding design.
(7)Universal Probe Table design, which can quickly switch betwe
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