AI Intelligent Five Axis Machining Center
The market position of the machine is the capability of producing large-scale workpieces with high complexity and precision, focusing on two innovative values of "AI intelligence" and "practicality".

AI intelligence:In addition, through component detection, personnel inspections can be reduced, and management efficiency can be improved by 22.3%. In maintenance, AI can replace manual works, which by AI the accuracy is as high as 90%, and there can save up to NTD 900,000 per year.

Practicability: FEELER has developed temperature compensation device and modeling analysis software to greatly improve the machine's three-axis thermal deformation problem. After the compensation, the machining accuracy is controlled within 0.02mm and is 80% better than before, if the vibration occurs during the machining process, FEELER’s technology has used optimized algorithms and graphical interface, which can suppress vibration within 2 seconds.
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