Equipment Front End Module (EFEM)
1.HIWIN EFEM - MIT, ballscrew, guideway, robot reducer, single axis, wafer robot, drive, servo & direct drive motor, EFEM critical parts made by HIWIN.
2.Automation of semiconductor, AOI, solar & LED. High speed, accuracy and reliability. HIWIN module design meets market needs & industrie 4.0.
3.HIWIN Module design, provides flexiblity for customization, up to eight optional wafer load/out ports, better than market two wafer load/out ports. Good quality & short lead time.
4.Provide cost-saving solutions at 20% to 40% benefit to meet key indicators- cost per wafer and cost of ownership.
5.EFEM detects wafer cassette position by sensors, controls accuracy at micron level, less than 1/10 of a human hair difference.
6.EFEM complies with SEMI S2, cleanliness level 1 & ROHS. Detect abnormalities, activate safety protection for person and equipment.
7.EFEM core technology is software. GUI design, allows remote commands, integrates subsystems by simple single command.

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