Advanced intelligent surface grinder
Description: 1. Big data integration application> Selection of workpiece and grinding wheel abrasive, such as hardness, grit, air holes, spindle speed application, dynamic balance vibration monitoring of grinding wheel. 2. Real-time service>When warning occurs, marquee will display fault in real time, and I/O of each axis will be displayed in red or green light. Service parts replacement can also be linked to YouTube or Youku videos through built-in QR Code 3. Visual monitoring of operation interface > The operator can directly fill in starting point, target point, rough grinding and fine grinding pre-processing according to processing size. 4. Smart networking> Provides real-time monitoring of screen by manager through Ethnet network 5. Electronic component life management> machine consumable replacement tips 6. Multi-language system> Provide a comprehensive solution to provide various languages ​​for operators.

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