Auto PCB Solder Mask Plug-via Screen Printing Line
As automatic PCB production line is desired with strong future demand. This equipment for 5G equipments with 0.25mm via satisfies plugging process for aspect ratio up to 12:1. Efficiency is contributed by digital control and CCD alignment. Reduce 2 times of baking, and now is only 1 time of baking after 3 times of printing to save plant space and costs. This competitive product is sold over hundred lines.
*High productivity: Double station cycle printing increasing over 30% productivity.
*High applicability: Apply for wide range of PCB thickness from 0.5mm to 4.0mm.
*Quick changeover: Fast screen alignment is powered by alignment system and jig board.
*High printing pressure: Print-head equips 3 guide rail cylinders to contribute high printing pressure 147 kgf for uniformity of paste.
*Stretching capability: Grippers stretch panel at X and Y axis together for accurate alignment
*High stability: Adopted synchronous electric cylinder for large size screen lift up/down moving stable
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