Auto CCD Registering Automotive Curved Glass Screen Printing Line
Dedicated to print BM & icons onto curved surface of glass for automotive display, and use special vacuum mould with conductor rail and communication control unit to carry glass. Entire line is consisted of Loader, 4 Printers with CCD registering, 4 UV curing units and Unloader. Auto vacuum arm in-feeds and diacharges curved glass onto vacuum mould for pre-registration and flattening, then repeat sequentially process of registering, printing and curing for multi-layer printing. Innovative features as below.
*Conductor rail : supplys 24V power when mould is moved circular across the workstation.
*Auto squeegee leveling : sensors detect both squeegee ends leveling to assure uniformity of printed ink.
*Double peel-off : program calculation adjusts peel-off height to match upward / downward slope of squeegee stroke along with glass protrusion at middle.
*Visual Registration : 6 cameras with 20M pixel for searching glass edge, and 2 cameras for screen alignment. Registration accuracy ±20μm.
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