Auto PCB Double Sided Legend Ink Jet Printing Line
Replace screen printing legend & label on IC carrier, provided high precision and efficient inkjet solution for automatic production 5G servo and communication board.
Intellectualized inkjet saves labor & material, free stencil & unskilled printer, support multi-platform (PC, Mac, Sun) or use CAM to convert into inkjet graphic, quick exchange part no, digital process inkjet output.
*Granite pedestal : collocated framework to attain accuracy 00 class (≦0.01 mm).
*Multi-nozzle : linear motor and optical ruler for 9 nozzle motion.
*Patented technique : flash spray anti-clogging assures unblocked
*Warpage detection : Laser sensor detects to avoid failure input thickness (0.3 ~4.0 mm) to impact the spray nozzle.
*Efficient productivity : parallel double station exchange printing to raise ≧30%
*Auto flip : air clamp with servo motor 90°turn over to place from A to B machine untouchable spray area.
*Graphic Conversion : CAM converts graphic file, fast exchange and adding identification code
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