1) The one-piece cast base boxway and 30゚ slant bed structure has low center of gravity for easier swarf management and ergonomic design 2) The structure of a single turning-milling machine extends the functions of two machines, effectively achieves the effect of one machine with multiple functions to improve production efficiency and quality 3) Load monitor function controls tooling working to axial loading value, which can notice tool consumption in advance and reduce loss rate of production efficiently 4) One-piece transmission base for sub-spindle enhances rigidity and the maintain convenience 5) The true linear Y-axis makes operation more easily and provides great straightness. And ensure great positioning accuracy 6) Inverter hydraulic unit saves more than 35% power consumption 7) Asymmetrical design and large window of the door provides a good viewing, allowing a complete view of the internal operation 8) With LED light design brings clear and bright lighting even at night
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