Semi-Automatic PCB Separator
1. Patented “INDEPENDENT TWO-SPINDLE CIRCUIT BOARD CUTTING EQUIPMENT” with high performance spindles extremely optimization productivity by 50%, eliminating time waiting with different cutting path.
2. Patented “MEASURE AND CALIBRATION SYSTEM FOR CUTTING”, achieve high precisions measurement. Easy/simple tool exchange ensured accuracy, lower scrap of value materials. Cutting program for performed before cutting, after each tool changing.
3. GigE vison type CCD, visual scan for PC board, software algorithm via dedicated interface, be easily to edit for cutting path, production work sheet can be save secured with industrial PC.
4. Cutting path edit, using visual process teaching edit mode can intuitively show to user.
5. Upper dust collector concentrate at cutting area keeps dust away during cutting, it keeps cleanness for environment too.
6. Upper cover automatic module, shorten tool exchange time and stay cleanness. Aurotek provide solutions to let user to engage with industrial 4.0.

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