Green Smart DC inverter chiller
TECO Green Energy DC inverter chiller, we set a goal to research high technology and produce high quality products, as well as constantly to create a new record in air-conditioner technique. All series of products with environment-friendly refrigerant and energy-saving technology combine to reach the perfect balance of environmental protection.

Features of DC inverter air cooled chiller:
1. DC inverter technology : DC inverter control technology, reduce power consumption 30%, with high efficiency Fan and motor , Can make Energy Efficiency Ratio (COP) 3.2.
2. Simple and slim design : reduce volume 25%, Weight 19% , Refrigerant charge 12%, Reduce installation space, Emissions can be reduced and energy saved by manufacturing, transportation, and final use.
3. Full load High efficient system:. High-speed MCU is used for real-time calculation to detect the environment and load information all the time. Optimum refrigerant system control, DC compressor drive, and DC fan output adjustme
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