Smart networking sensible heat air conditioner
1. The smart control function of high sensible heat commercial packaged air conditioners can be used in places with high sensible heat temperatures , such as Rack server ,Electronic Computer Center ,Small-Building Computer Center , etc.The sensible heat ratio can reach more than 90% and The regulation function can reach the ideal PUE value and achieve the green energy and environmental protection effect. It can also be used for constant temperature and humidity control in environments where temperature and humidity are required, such as wine cellars, laboratories, hospitals, etc.
2. Network monitoring and energy management functions to meet the needs of different environments
3. The scheduling control and backup support design developed by TECO can be flexibly changed and manufactured according to demand.
4. Self-diagnosis function, through the display and detection of the human-machine interface, can realize the machine's self-diagnosis to facilitate the machine's troubleshooting.
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