JD-125CIA / JD-125AIA
Excellent performance: The 4V oil-cooled high-performance engine that complies with the Taiwan phase 7 EPA regulations. The oil-cooled technology can overcome long-term high-speed operation. With the BOSCH injection system, it creates the strongest horsepower in its class.

Intelligent technology: Keyless system, designed light and thin NFC smart card, is easy portable and equipped 281 megabytes of codes. Don’t be afraid of vehicle stolen. LED+LCD smart meters with App function can create more possibilities for vehicle.

Safety guard: Front and rear disc brakes plus BOSCH ABS anti-lock brake system is the highest safety standard. All LED lights enhance the safety of riding at night.

Wonderful thinking: 22L large-capacity trunk and 305mm pedal space can accommodate more items. 740mm seat height and five-section adjustable rear double shock absorbers create an excellent riding experience for female. The QC 3.0 USB charger brings full power to the mobile phone at any time.

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