Ai-1 Ultra ABS
AEON upholds the main axis of "Future Mobility" as the spirit to declare its ambition for the electric vehicle market. Integrate the car-making technology on the Ai-1 Ultra ABS, and use the three concepts of revolution, innovation and technology to create a stylish and smart urban mobile aesthetic.
The most distinctive feature of Ai-1 Ultra ABS is the CROXERA smart meter . It can be used to "one-click navigation to the station to change the power" function. There is no need to use the mobile phone along the way. Several parameters such as distance will be reminded when the power is low, and the route will be set, and the instrument information will be used to quickly and safely reach the power station. Equipped with Bosch ABS 10MB Anti-lock Braking System to improve brake stability.
In the appearance design, the front of the car is round but the line is extended. It extends down the arc. It is a very personal and recognizable LED headlight with a little sharp line.

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