FREEZERO Heated LED Work Lamp
P/N 22862
The 22862 FREEZERO Heated LED Work Lamp is an innovative product developed for commercial vehicles in cold and severe working environments. This product introduces the latest film heater into the PC housing, which automatically activates the heating function at a certain temperature to melt the snow or frost on the lamp housing, maintain stable and bright lighting for driving.
Our breakthrough achievements are as follows:
1. Integrated automatical heating system to keep brightness and safety in inclement weather
2. Compliant with EMC CISPR 25, provide protection for receivers installed in a vehicle from disturbances produced by components/modules in the same vehicle, ensure the safety of driving
3. Aesthetical snowflake pattern designed lens
4. Environment simulation in -30 °C with 5mm ice on the lens, via the heating system, the lens temperature will be -16 °C after 1 minute, 6 °C after 5 minutes, 38 °C after 15 minutes, effectively melt snow and frost

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