Turf/Utility Tire
K3012 is defined as one of Kenda high-performance commercial lawnmower and multiple tires. This high-value product can meet well-known OEM’s requirements and tests in the United States and the next step is to promote to Europe and other countries in compliance with its regulation. It’s highly pleased to provide a great choice for customers by this competitive and remarkable tire.
1.The specific compound, tread permutation and wide tread are capable of dispersing the pressure while driving on the lawn. It provides the best traction and handling quality.
2.The bias construction and optimizing design brings riding comfort on the pavement and also suitable on the lawn without turf damage concern.
3.The abrasion resistant compound and reinforced construction along with level square shoulder can increase the lifespan, safety, and productivity.
4.With branched sipes on the tread block, these sipes can improve drainage and grip during operation. It’s combination of function and aesthetic.
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