Asymmetric Sedan/SUV Tire
KENETICA KR201 series is designed for sedan and SUV. The new generation asymmetric pattern design, with both aesthetic and functional purposes, and iconic Z-shape tread enhance the product identity. The Taiwan design patent application is proceeding. Uses silica composite formula, effectively reducing rolling resistance and helps with energy-saving without sacrificing high grip performance. It has Taiwan energy-saving certification C class to meet the global eco-friendly trends.
1.The perfect sidewall construction design provides the balance of comfort and corning stability.
2.3+1 main grooves helps evacuate water, stability, and prevent hydroplaning in wet conditions.
3.High rigidity block design on the outside tread for enhanced lateral stability and improved handling when cornering; the inside shoulder has a continuity pattern design, reducing the noise and the possibility of uneven wear. Uses quantifiable pressure analysis techniques to improving the wear capability and longevity.
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