Commercial Electric Tricycle
The USD-01 electric logistics tricycle is currently the only electric tricycle in Taiwan that meets EU standards. It brings together an electric powertrain system and cloud data database to optimize logistics services. Compared with current two-wheeled vehicles, which can only carry loads of 50kg, the USD-01 can carry upwards to 200kg. The payload of the USD-01 is space for up to 800 liters of cargo. The USD-01 is equipped with a motor that exceeds the existing market standard of 7 kW at 13 kW, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 80 kph. The range of the USD-01 is 100 km when fully charged. It’s size allows it to traverse lanes as narrow as 2.5 m with ease, making it ideal for use in busy urban areas. The USD-01 can provide logistics companies with an intelligent vehicle with a dispatch management platform, fleet management mode, and safe vehicle monitoring, effectively mastering vehicle locations, planning routes, managing and receiving and dispatching objects.
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