e-Bike Solution
e12/e11/e10/e9/e8/Chainring Bosch Gen4 / Gen3
KMC offers a total e-Bike Solution with unique Chain Mate design for superior chain and cog tooth running efficiency and specially designed teeth for enhanced chain retention.

【Chain Mate】
The Chainring roller seats between teeth are perfectly matched to chain rollers for exceptional component engagement. Benefits of this unparalleled “Chain Mate” are higher power transmission efficiency and longer component lifespan.

【KMC Shield Riveting】
Shield Tech is a patented new riveting tech that utilizes a reinforced pin design, the pin surface raise 10% and significantly increases 25% pin power.

【Optimal Tooth Design】
Chain retention is enhanced via an optimized tooth design to hold the rollers in place, significantly preventing chain drop while also reducing friction associated with traditional narrow/wide designs. In addition, the tooth is vertically asymmetrical to avoid interference while at extreme chain angles to the rear cassette.

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