TPSH Thickened Puncture Resistance Tube
TPSH Thickened Puncture Resistance Tube is designed for DL off-road downhill bikes. The tube is perfect for rugged terrain such as cross-country in mountain forest. The special uneven thickness processing technology is applied on the tube. The thickness of the inner tube, the part contacting ground, is 4 times thicker than the general tubes, also increasing puncture resistance to 4 times. And the thickness of the side surface is 2 times that of the general tube, which improves the tensile strength of low wind pressure, lighter than even one, and improves the puncture resistance. It is mainly exported to the North America and Europe where riding bikes is popular.
1.Thanks to the thickened structure, the tube will not flat in short time if the tube is accidentally punctured.
2.Improved protection on puncture, preventing popping tires.
3.Special formula used in compound, higher elongation and better ductility than general compound.
4.Completed range of specification on XC and DL bikes.
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