Eye Secret Hydrating monthly contact lens
"The Eye secret Hydrating monthly Contact Lens" has developed five core technologies under the belief that "comfort comes from professionalism", so that the lens has the following characteristics.

(1) Low water-content contact lens does not grab water from the eyes;(2) Preservative solution with PMB top moisturizing formula makes the lens more hydrated and comfortable; (3) BCC unique cut-angle design, reduce uncomfortable of wearing ; (4) Bi-aspheric technology let night vision more clearer; (5) Anti-UV formula protects eyes from ultraviolet rays.

The products not only have professional characteristics, but also through continuous import of "automated production system", reduce production costs and create a real bargain products . In addition to online and word-of-mouth publicity, it also expands the scope of marketing to social networks and on-site activities, covering all consumer-oriented, continuous and uninterrupted promotion of product core values and brand characteristics.

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