4D Extremely Comfortable Supporting Medical Mask
SJ-01/ SJ-02/ SJ-03/ SJ-10
With the original Yang's support of built-in double-support strips patented technology, the"4D extremely comfortable supportive medical mask " expands the breathing space by 100%, similar to an inflated hot air balloon, without affecting its protective effect and changing people’s wearing habits, directly upgrades its structure to an innovative mask with many advantages. It also solves the common pain points of masks, having the advantages of full breathing space, smooth air without covering the nose, super dry without touching the mouth and nose, stiff space without makeup, and no fogging on lenses.
The product has passed numerous national testing standards. The measured pressure difference (respiratory impedance) is below 4mm H2O/cm2, and it can block 95% of particles above 3 microns (µm), and the bacterial filtration rate ≥95%, which can effectively block the virus from spreading, and can be used as an important weapon for epidemic prevention and fighting COVID-19.
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