Hearing Amplifier
Product innovation and uniqueness
1. Vocal separation and vocal highlighting technology: Our products can reduce ambient noise by 10dB. In the case of multi-person conversation, for listening to vocal enhancement highlights, can improve the target vocal 6dB S/N.
2. Find lost hearing aids: Our produces when the user loses the hearing device, with the mobile phone GPS function, indicates the location of the hearing aid and makes a sound, convenient to find the missing hearing device.
3. Digital dynamic audio compensation and audio adjustment: our products use the WDRC system and 8 channels of the number of processing, magnification with the size of the input volume changes.
Marketing innovation:
1. SHENNONA participates in many product & design competitions in Taiwan and international countries to enhance product value and philosophy.
2. SHENNONA corporate with Taiwan domestic welfare organizations to enhance brand awareness.

Award winning products

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