After optimizing the clinical inadequacy of the first generation UG01, Sigknow is presenting the latest ECG system—EZYPRO®UG02:the high-detection-rate arrhythmia monitoring and analysis solution
1. ECG Recorder
With 20% lighter weight, it is a waterproof single-lead recorder for up to 14-day monitoring. A new Bluetooth transmission function allows the medical professionals to review live ECG signals via our exclusive “EZY iSee” App, supporting Android system.
2. ECG Patch
The groundbreaking patent patch complies with international biocompatibility regulations and can better accommodate Asia climate due to greater permeability and dry quicker. Patients can complete wear time as prescribed in comfort. Low skin irritation, High clinical satisfaction.
3. ECG Analyzer
The analysis software keeps improving due to the well-trained AI algorithm. Along with our ECG analysis center, we provide accurate and comprehensive ECG analysis reports, helping doctors make further diagnoses and treatments

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