Inno-Hook™ Reusable Clip Applier and Ligating Clip
RD5P1-B0 / RDXP1-L0 / RDXP1-X0 / AA5P1-BF / AAXP1-LF / AAXP1-XF
The Inno-Hook™ Reusable Clip Applier and Ligating Clip are dedicated to the ligation of laparoscopic minimal invasive surgery. The Inno-Hook™ Ligating Clips are single-fire polymer clips with patented design for secure clip retention performance, applicable to ligating larger size of vessels and tissues, such as those of laparoscopic Appendectomy and Nephrectomy.

The Inno-Hook™ Reusable Clip Applier is innovative with the changeable tip, which allows the replacement of worn-out jaws by changing the tip instead of disposing the whole applier. Apart from the standard jaw tip, the applier body can also be assembled with the extended jaw for bariatric surgery, 20°and 45°angled jaw for lobectomy surgery, and clip remover tip for unlocking the closed clip. This unique design broadens its application in surgery procedures and reduces the maintenance cost for hospitals.
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