"LAITEST" is an own brand of "R&R", for protect human body and health management. It's product series include medical protective masks, disinfection and cleaning management, medical consumables and other products. The LAITEST medical masks is to become the most professional and fashionable of everyone, professional also can fashion; professional also comfortable; professional also can be seen everywhere! Our own brand "LAITEST Medical Face Mask" features are :"professional protective function ", "comfortable" and "cleanliness". The focus of development is on:
-Wearing comfort
-The fashion pattern and design
The "LAITEST Medical Face Mask" series of products are focus on "human needs and wants" , combined with market feedback and, from product ideas / drafting / mold development / material trial production / production testing / product testing / Mass production, etc., has successfully established the highest standard in the minds of consumers.
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