「WhizPad」 innovates to integrate the applications of sleep comfort and pressure relief, health management, and care reminders.
The mattress material is adopting the exclusive temperature-sensitive and viscoelastic memory foam to facilitate the perfect pressure redistribution and body support;The embedded soft sensing units of the mattress middle to collect the sleep movements in an unwearable way;By integrating the technologies of AI machine learning, standard IoT protocol, and NBIoT, the mattress system could turn out meaningful health data and life pattern (real-time and historical data of sleep, vital signals of BP, Glucose, SpO2, BT, and environmental parameters), and transmit out for further applications without complex setting.
The features of「WhizPad」are high comfort, ease to install, Intuitive to use, and high safety so that users could do self-health management or telecare applications to enhance the life quality and health status without changing any habits or environment.

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