Pvix AR Professional Oral Health Training System
Pvix Oral
PVIX Oral is the world's first AR technology applied to oral health and care training system, through the promotion of oral health education to promote national oral health awareness to reduce health insurance expenditures. Through this training system, we can assist public health care related departments, community health centers and other institutions as necessary training courses for oral care and health care. We hope to achieve the ultimate goal of maintaining 20 teeth in the mouth after the age of 80, which can be more fulfilled Stomatology is deeply rooted in Taiwanese preventive medicine.

The Pvix Oral system is the world's first interactive AR simulation training system for oral health care. It uses optical space location technology to track toothbrushes, interdental brushes and oral swab equipped with optical positioning elements, to accompany with Bayesian tooth brushing, simulation of food residue and dental plaque cleaning course software. The trainer or the person being
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