Alligator 200
Alligator 200
Rocker “Alligator 200, Diaphragm Liquid Pump” comes with a built-in liquid pump that transferring filtered liquid directly to waste which overcomes the disadvantages of traditional filtration.

Alligator 200 touches customers’ heart by 4 main features: “time-, effort-, space-saving, and safe”.

(1) 30% Time-Saving
The filtration time of liquid pump system is 30% faster than air pump system.
(2) Effort-Saving
Improve 30% efficiency by simplifying manpower process, such as cleaning, disconnecting and installing steps.
(3) 40% Space-Saving
No need of waste bottle to collect waste liquid, save 40% bench space.
(4) Safe
No need to worry about contact hazardous in waste liquid or pump damage from overflowing.

Alligator 200, Diaphragm Liquid Pump, which complies with ISO8199, is widely used in water analysis, such as microbiological test and suspended solid test (SS).
Rocker makes filtration easy!
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