720°Double-Effect Multi-Function UV Sterilizer Box
1.The sterilizer box is an atypical sterilizing device based on UV, breaking the concept of traditional disinfection such as sun-exposed method, water-boiled method or other liquid sanitizers. The patented fantastic box along with the UVC maximize the efficacy of 720 ° sterilization, and also succeed in the product proposition of high efficacy.
2.The same types of sterilizer boxes in the market, primarily using the direct UVC exposure for disinfection, have a common disadvantage - the blind spot. A large proportion of the object's bottom couldn't receive the UVC light when placed in the sterilizer box. However, our product solves the issue, the blind spot, after series of screening and testing for the material. The invention of the exclusive fantastic box for UVC LED sterilizer boxes eliminates the blind spot. During the operation of UVC,The fantastic box assists the light source in spreading out the full range in the equipment/ sterilizer box to reach the proposition of no blind spot.
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