iNAP Sleep Therapy System - Oral Interface
To improve the deficiencies of mainstream OSA treatment solutions such as CPAP, the iNAP One Sleep Therapy using intraoral negative air pressure that treats the problem differently and without a mask: it delivers a light, oral vacuum to comfortably open the airway while breathing normally through the nose during sleep.
iNAP has a soft, flexible Oral Interface that user wearing during sleep, which giving excellent wearing comfort comparing to face mask. Echo to the need for user-oriented therapy experiences, the new generation iNAP Oral Interface I08 not only improving the fixing in the oral cavity, enabling higher negative air pressure for better therapy result, but also supporting fully customizable module for every user.
iNAP Oral Interface I08 is combined with 3 parts: Lip Shield, Tongue Shield and Flexible Plate, each part with different sizes result in total 80 combination available. User can select proper iNAP Oral Interface size according to physician's evaluation.

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