W469 4-Wheeled Aluminum Rollator
The Merits W469 4-Wheeled Aluminum Rollator is designed for users who need assistance in walking. Especially the elderly who need to walk indoor and outdoor or shopping. W469 provides users to walk outdoors, and designed with a seat for the user to take a rest when they needed. The product has undergone mechanical analysis at the early stage of design to simulate how humans can achieve the best thrust and ergonomics when pushing the rollator; the front wheels use 10" universal wheels, and the rear wheels use 8" wheels, in order to go through various terrains and obstacle. As well as to meet and exceed the lightweight requirements, the product structure design is optimized and use aviation-grade aluminum material, weighs only 6.5KG. So that the elderly can easy to carry. Modular design of each part allows multiple products to be shared, mass-manufactured, and cost reduction. Also for the sake of aesthetics, the brake line is changed to a hidden design, avoiding the exposure of the brak

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