Portable ECG Monitoring Device
QOCA隨身心電圖量測儀 CIH/ CIE/CI6
QOCA Portable ECG Monitoring Device is designed to fulfill the need of smart and long-distance medical care. Unlike traditional ECG monitor or holter, the deisgn of QOCA Portable ECG Monitoring Device series is compact and lightweight, suitable for daily and multiple day monitor at home or wards. Ecg102D is dry electrode design. Users can easily get their ECG measured by simply put fingers on the electrode pad. Such design is suitable for extremely allergic users but have the need for prompt measurement whenever a symptom occurs.Ecg103 is a wearable single-lead ECG monitoring device. With the dedicated multiple-day use body patch, users can measure their daily ECG up to 14 days without the need of charging the battery or removing the device for shower. Ideal for detecting long pulse, ventricular tachycardia, and Ventricular Fibrillation.Ecg701 is the first multiple day ECG recorder which can offer 7 leads ECG (I/II/III/aVR/aVL/aVF/a V lead) in the market.
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