VIP2 系列
VIP 2 is the 2-in-1 positioning wheelchair that combines recline and tilt-in-space. These positions ensure a comfortable ride, a stable sitting posture, reduce sitting pressure, and make care easier.

VIP 2 is suitable for users with unstable trunk control but good head control. It can be folded, stored easily or placed in the car. It is convenient for hospital visits and day trips.

Caregivers don’t need to struggle to reposition a user who has slid down the chair with the anti-sliding system, which supports the sitting position and relieves pressure. This original design mimics the motion of the body to reduce shearing and chance of bedsores.

The J-Hooks allow the caregiver to stand upright, preventing poor posture or other secondary injuries.

The detachable armrests allow the caregiver to do side transfers to a bed or seat. The detachable footrests can be rotated to accommodate small transfer spaces and convenient storage.

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