Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction system (Non-Sterile)
MagXtract 3200
MagXtract 3200 is Taiwan’s first novel open-platform performing the nucleic acid purification and PCR setup in a compact bench-top workstation. It greatly eliminates tedious and complex steps, reduces hands-on time by more than 90%, improves overall operative efficiency and reduces the risks of bio-specimen infection for medical laboratory scientists. Based on the open and flexible software architecture, MagXtract 3200 supports the various extraction PCR sample preps and accelerates progress of PCR downstream applications such as NGS. As an emerging brand in the field of molecular diagnostics, Chroma develops an innovative business model and establishes market segmentation. We cooperate with reagent manufactures to expand market access and create a win-win situation. Furthermore, MagXtract 3200 has received CE-IVD, FDA and TFDA product approval for multinational markets, and has completed patent and trademark applications to protect intellectual property rights.
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