High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe
Chroma 71241 is equipped with a sensor that complies with the CIE1931 color matching functions and accurately measures the luminance and chromaticity of display panels. Users can easily switch between various types of chromaticity coordinates through the xyY, TΔuvY, u‘v’Y, and XYZ presentation methods, as well as FMA and FLVL flicker measurement modes. To streamline an automated test process, both the Chroma Video Pattern Generator and the UUT can be controlled directly via Model 71241;by interfacing with a PC, the system can run contrast measurement, test result judgment, and programmable test items that streamlines a high efficiency mass production solution. The Optical Measurement Software package of the Chroma 71241 is capable of testing chromaticity, luminance, Flicker, and Gamma measurements on PCs. The measured data can be presented in the CIE 1931 and CIE1976 UCS chromaticity coordinate chart.
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