High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe
Developed with the most advanced digital signal processor and the technology of optoelectronic transfer as well as precision optical parts and circuit design, Chroma 71241 High Accuracy Universal Measuring Probe is capable of performing high speed, accurate and stable color tests. Users can switch to various types of chromaticity coordinates freely including four display types of chromaticity coordinates xyY, TΔuvY, u'v'Y, XYZ, and FMA, FLVL two flicker measurements modes. The 71241 also has the functions of contrast measurement, result judgment and programmable test items that can fulfill the auto test requirements to enhance the production efficiency. The Optical Measurement Software incorporated by Chroma 71241 is able to do chromaticity, luminance, Flicker and Gamma measurements on PC, and then show the measured data on CIE 1931 and CIE1976 UCS chromaticity coordinate chart directly.
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